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Switches & Accessories

modular switch

6A/10A/20A/32A-DP switch

Salient Features

  • ROHS Compliance
  • Captive Screws
  • Dual Protection for sparkshield
  • High Grade Flame Retardant Engineering plastic
  • Silver Nickel contacts for trouble free operations


6A-5Pin / 6A-2 Pin & 6-16A Pin Sockets
10-13A Universal Sockets

Salient Features

  • Hardened Phosphorus bronze contacts
  • High Grade Flame Retardant Engineering Plastic
  • Spring Loaded Protective safety shutter


Fan Regulators - 1 - 2 module
Dimmer - 400w/600w/1000w

Salient Features

  • No Radio Frequency interference
  • High Grade Flame Retardant Engineering Plastic
  • Good Ventilation for proper heat dissipation
  • Easy to remove and install
  • No humming noise


RJ-11, 2-Line/4-Line/2-Line twin jack
RJ-45/RJ-45 Cat-6/Audio-DVD /Television Socket

Salient Features

  • Contact Material Phosphorus Bronze
  • Gold Plated
  • User Friendly Shutters
  • Easy to remove and install

speciality products

  • Surge Protector
  • Movement Detector Ceiling Mounted
  • Motion Senser Wall Mounted
  • Remote Switch Standalone
  • Universal Remote switch for lighting
  • Energy Saving Switch

Tuff (Solo Switch)

Salient Features

  • Vo Grade engineering Plastic
  • Tested upto 2 lakh operations

Smarter accessories

Spike Guard

Salient Features

  • Universal sockets
  • Length of cable 1.6-1.8 Mtr
  • Surge protection in built
  • Overload protection in built with resetting switch
  • Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) used as safeguard against surge & spikes
  • Material in use - FR ABS plastic
  • Connector swivels 3600

Extension Cord

Salient Features

  • Equipped with universal socket & 2 pin sockets
  • Rated current - 6A
  • Rated Voltage - 240V AC, 2.4KW
  • PVC insulated wire 4 mts. in length
  • Engineering plastic material for high impact & chemical resistance
  • Material-FR ploycarbonate

Wireless Bells

Salient Features

  • Plug in type/battery operated wireless bell with volume adjustment.
  • 32-48 polyphonic sounds to choose
  • Transmitter with IP 44 protection
  • Volume setting in the receiver
  • Operating range up to 80-260 mtr. in open area
  • Auto learning code
  • Available in different colours in specific models
  • Rated voltage 110V-220V AC (Plug in type)
  • Volume 50-80dB

MP3 Bells

Salient Features

  • In built 16 Polyphonic melodies with high quality Sound.
  • Melody can be downloaded into this MP# Bell
  • Transmitter with IP44 Protection
  • Song sliding switch to enjoy melodies form storage SD card, or IN to memories in-built.
  • Melodies adjustment &b Volume adjustment + and -
  • Data line interface: Connect computer by data line to download the MP3 melodies.
  • Dual power 3X1.5V Battery % 5V AC adapter
  • Remote control distance up to 200meters in open air.
  • With front touch panel control

Angle & Batten Holder

Salient Features

  • Rated current-2A
  • Rated voltage-250V AC
  • Ducts provided on outer surface for heat dissipation
  • SS spring provided for better flexibility & easy locking for bulb & CFL
  • Highly conductive brass terminals
  • Material-FR polycarbonate UV stabilized

Multi Plug

Salient Features

  • Equipped with universal socket & 2 pin sockets
  • Universal multi socket suitable for different types of plugs used around the world
  • Rated current-10A
  • Rated Voltage 240V AC
  • Nickel plated brass contacts for better conductivity
  • Available in 4 different transparent colours- Purple, Blue, Green, Orange
  • Material-FR polycarbonate UV stabilized

Plug Tops 6A/16A

Salient Features

  • Rated current-6A/16A
  • Rated Voltage 240V AC
  • 100% shock proof
  • Highly conductive nickel plated contacts
  • Material-FR polycarbonate UV stabilized

International Travel Adapter

Salient Features

  • Rated current 6A
  • Rated voltage 110V-240V AC
  • Material- engineering plastic for high impact and chemical resistant
  • Compatible to countries like Australia, China, USA, Europe & UK etc.
  • Equipped with universal & USB sockets

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Referring to the quotation & subsequent discussion, we are pleased to place our LETTER OF INTENT on you for the design, engineering, supply, routine testing, inspection, delivery on FOR site basis of lighting wise.

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